Perilous Panacea -- Techno-Thriller Novel by Ronald Klueh

 A Techno-Thriller Novel

 Ronald Klueh

Following an Israeli raid on Iran's nuclear weapons complex that destroys Iran’s nuclear capability, a computer whiz-bang financed by an Iranian agent assumes control of the U.S. Department of Energy computerized security system to engineer the theft of bomb-grade nuclear material. Blackmail and kidnapping are used to "recruit" scientists needed to successfully manufacture atomic bombs. The scientists know they must escape to save the world from nuclear chaos-and save themselves. Meanwhile, FBI agents search for the nuclear material while simultaneously fending off bureaucratic interference and media leaks. The wife of a kidnapped scientist is threatened to keep her quiet. After being assaulted by the kidnappers, she realizes her family's ultimate fate and seeks ways to free her husband. The climax occurs as radioactive debris rains down on a Tennessee city.


Perilous Panacea refers to the dichotomy of nuclear science.  The panacea (nuclear reactors):  unlimited energy without the pollution and carbon dioxide of fossil-fired plants that produce most of the world’s energy.  The perils (nuclear weapons): destruc­tion and chaos for the world—the background for the novel.

Could this happen? Could nuclear material be released into the atmosphere without setting off a bomb or terrorist attack? Read Perilous Panacea and decide for yourself.

 Book published by Savant Books and Publications

Book available at AmazonBarnes and Noble and Savant.

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